Your deadline: Tuesday, February 14th

For a class project, our team wants to give you an opportunity to deliver a message to serial entrepreneurs/venture capitalists Brad Keywell ( and Eric Lefkofsky (, the co-founders of Groupon, Lightbank and other successful companies.

Your message can be about anything:

  • Pitch them a startup idea.
  • Ask them to donate to your charity.
  • Ask them a question about Groupon.
  • Talk to them about how much you love Michigan football. 
  • The possibilities are endless! 


  • You can record a 30 second YouTube video.
  • You can write a one paragraph message or teaser and post it here as a comment.
  • You can take a picture of whatever you want that expresses what you want to share.

We will present the idea that has generated the most comments or views.